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Taking Time for Prayer

You may find this odd, especially coming from a minister who has given his life to work for Jesus, but I suck at making time for prayer. Now, don't get me wrong, I definitely pray every day, but I need to work on making more intentional time for prayer. I imagine that we all suffer from this problem, not taking a moment from our day to just sit a be present with God and let God do the talking.

The Unfortunate thing is that Prayer is often thought of as a time to ask God for stuff (help this person, help me, let this be the winning lottery ticket) but prayer is not really about that (though we truly should lift stuff up to God in prayer), but prayer is a time for the the Holy Spirit to do work upon our souls and hearts. We can take the time to lift our problems and needs to God, but we also must sit and just be present. We can take time to let our body relax and let God guide us to the future.

In October, my goal for my spiritual life is to make more time for purposeful prayer. This will involve starting my work days with a time of prayer, spending some time meditating to let God work on and through me and to even use devotional material to help me be centered on where God is calling me.

I invite you to go on a prayer journey as well. Make purposeful time in your life to be present with God, not to bring things to God (though you can and should) but to just be there and let God do what God does best, transform us.

Reach out to me if you would like some resources or someone to just be present with you for prayer.



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