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Changes are Coming

In 2023, FCC Missoula is reviewing, changing and growing our programming, worship experience, administrative organization and more! Come along with us on the Journey!!

You will find several programs currently on hold because of this. Please connect with us if you have questions


Church Camps

 Looking for something fun to do this summer? Why not go to church camp at Cane Ridge West in beutiful Lincoln MT. Make new friends across Montana, eat great food, sing songs and have fun!!! Click the button below to find out more about Church Camp!!!!

Youth Group

Helping youth develop a relationship with God is one of our missions here at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We hope to share God's love with youth and help them understand why God wants a relationship with them and that he loves them no matter what.

Youth programming is coming together! Check out the Youth Events page to find more!


Our mission is to Empower youth to grow as individuals in a relationship with Christ. We by no means expect everyone to conform to a particular view, but to be open to having honest discussions about different viewpoints on Christianity, Faith and Religion as well as being willing to learn from one another. We believe that everyone has an individual journey with Christ and as followers we should provide that opportunity for growth and questions.


Our youth program welcomes everyone to share in God's love. We believe that everyone has the right to learn about God and share in the conversation. And when we say everyone, we mean EVERYONE. Our youth leaders will not exclude any youth from youth activities and will not condone unwelcoming behavior, though open and honest discussion about different backgrounds, not hate slander, will always be welcome.

Youth Leader
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