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Welcome to Studio Kidz

Children's Ministry is an exciting thing. As Chilren grow and want to learn more about the world and about faith, it is our hope to provide them with a safe space to ask questions and a fun experience to explore what being a Christian is all about.

Kidz in Worship

At FCC, we welcome our Kidz and Youth in Worship. At this time, we do offer activity boxes for Kidz (or anyone) to use in worship (you can find them just outside the sanctuary). If you have a special request for our boxes, please reach out to us!


Church Camps

Through the Northern Lights Region

FCC Missoula sponsors kidz to go to church camp! Our goal is to make sure everyone who wants to go to camp, gets to go to camp, no matter what their ability to pay for camp is.

2022 junior camp 1.jpg
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