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Faith Gatherings

An Evolving Program

Formerly Sunday School, our Sunday Faith Gatherings are meant to serve the needs of those who attend. In the beginning the course will involve discussion of the Bible verse being used in worship that day, but as time goes on it will involve topics requested by attendees as well as other topics suggested by our leaders

ALL are Welcome

We want to serve everyone just as Jesus did. This means that we welcome conflicting discussion but do not want hateful remarks made to hurt others. We welcome all to the discussion no matter your background. (Please note that FCC Missoula is not a designated O&A congregation but we have members from various backgrounds so we welcome you to check us out!)

All Ages Included

Our aim is to create spaces for everyone, so we will be having gatherings of Youth/Kidz and Adults happening at the same time. 

On the Last Sunday of the month, we encourage everyone to attend our Come and Be Fed community breakfast to serve and enjoy some delicious food before an intergenerational Bible Study.

Before Worship @ 9:30a

After Worship @ 12:15p

Online @ 4:00p

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