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FCC Weddings

FCC Missoula offers a space for that special occasion at a reasonable rate. We invite you to explore below to see how you can hold your wedding and reception at FCC Missoula!

A Wedding at
FCC Missoula

At FCC Missoula, we have been serving the community for over 137 years. Our Mission is to share the Good News of Jesus' love with our neighbors. In doing this, we want to offer up our entire facility for people to use for weddings.


Weather you are a church goer or just someone who needs a nice space, we welcome everyone to look at FCC Missoula as their wedding and reception venue.


Please note, our wedding packages do not include a minister or musician.

Wedding and Reception.............................$500.00

For this rate, you get the entire church facility for a 6-hour block to have a wedding ceremony and reception. If you need more time, an additional per hour fee of $50 will be assessed.


A $150.00 deposit will reserve you the FCC Missoula Facility. This amount goes towards your final cost.

FCC Member Discount

Active members at FCC Missoula can enjoy a 80% discount!

Who is going to Officiate your Wedding?

At FCC Missoula, we do not require you to use our minister for your wedding. However, we do require that whoever is performing your wedding have a conversation with our minister prior to the wedding so that the ceremony is performed in keeping with the holiness of the event.

If you need someone to officiate your wedding, you can approach our minister. Arrangements for their services are through them and not part of our wedding package.

You can reach them at

Wedding Music

Music can be an important part of anyone's wedding, especially when you want it to be meaningful to your relationship. We have the ability to play recorded music or have space for live musicians. All that we ask is that your song selection be appropriate for the holiness of the event. 

The musicians at FCC Missoula are not included with the wedding package. If you would like to try and arrange one of them, please reach out to our office to be put in contact with them. 

FCC Missoula Alcohol Policy

At this time, FCC Missoula does not allow the use of Alcohol on it's property as part of our current insurance plan. 


FCC Missoula does not have an in house photographer, however below you can find some local photographers.

 FCC makes these available for your use, we do not received any form of payment or benefit from listing these photographers. 

If you are a photographer and would like to be listed on our site, please connect with us.

Ready to Book?

If you are ready to try and reserve space, head on over to our facility use request page by clicking the button below. If you have questions, please connect with us.

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