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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a few questions, can you help me?

I sure can try!!

What should I wear to Church on Sunday?

We invite all to come as they are to worship the Lord!! If you want to dress up, dress up!! If you are more comfortable in your jeans, wear those!!


Is your building very accessible?

All of our public use rooms are on ground level, so our facility is very accessible. There is room for all!!

Who is allowed to take communion?

We take communion every Sunday, and we invite all to partake if they feel so led. Our communion is done with grape juice so everyone from young children to 99+ can partake.

Why should I go to a church associated with a denomination?

Many people tend to dislike denominations because they use old rituals, and some people do not like that, however, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) allow  each congregation to govern themselves in terms of tradition and operation, the only thing that is for sure in every Disciples congregation is communion and baptism by immersion of believers. A nice thing about denominations is that your congregation is not alone, you can connect with congregations across the United States and do wonderful things together in the name of Jesus.

I am Spiritual but Not Religious, how could I fit in your congregation?

Every person is at a different stage of their beliefs and faith, and with all the different faiths and religions in the world, how can you know who is right? Well, a wonderful Pastor once said, "The number of paths to God is up to God." We have come together as a congregation of Christians because our different life experiences have lead us to Christianity. We believe it is up to each member to discern their faith and beliefs, so if you are interested in exploring the faith we follow, we would be happy to have a discussion with you, feel free to stop by our facility or contact us via this website or social media.

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