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Changes are Coming

In 2023, FCC Missoula is reviewing, changing and growing our programming, worship experience, administrative organization and more! Come along with us on the Journey!!

You will find several programs currently on hold because of this. Please connect with us if you have questions

Why Studio?

Studios are known to be places of work and study for artists. Each artist has unique ways to express their art and faith is no different. We hope to encourage people to develop a true faith, one that is reflective of their experience with God. 

By doing this we hope to open people up to different ways God can be experienced because there is no "correct" way that God speaks to us.


New Ways?

Faith is an exciting thing and it should be explored. While someone probably needs a base knowledge of Christianity, there are so many different ways to live that faith. Our hope is to experience different ways of prayer, study and living out faith with one another so that we can truly let God into our lives and work on our hearts. We are open to ideas that our students have and look forward to exploring with them.

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