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Welcome to Studio Life!

Our goal and mission to provide opportunties and space for people to explore and grow in their faith. Faith is a beutiful thing that is important to spritual health. Come and explore what Studio Life is all about!!

This program is undergoing changes. New programming is expected to start in Fall of 2024

Summer Workshops

Classes will be offered in-person or via zoom. Registration is required for Zoom access, walk-in's are welcome for in person workshops attendees.

Coming Soon

FCC Missoula is undergoing a digital space overhaul. In early 2024, we received a Google nonprofit grant and this summer we will be making the transition to Google Workspace. This will give us better tools to offer in person and online, synchronous and asynchronous formation opportunities. We are excited for this transition and look forward to serving you in Fall of 2024

Why Studio?

Studios are known to be places of work and study for artists. Each artist has unique ways to express their art and faith is no different. We hope to encourage people to develop a true faith, one that is reflective of their experience with God. 

By doing this we hope to open people up to different ways God can be experienced because there is no "correct" way that God speaks to us.

New Ways?

Faith is an exciting thing and it should be explored. While someone probably needs a base knowledge of Christianity, there are so many different ways to live that faith. Our hope is to experience different ways of prayer, study and living out faith with one another so that we can truly let God into our lives and work on our hearts. We are open to ideas that our students have and look forward to exploring with them.

Helpful Resources

As First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) goes through some changes in 2024, we will not have as much material on our website. Instead, we are providing some helpful material for you to look at to help you on your faith journey! If you have any questions, please to not hesitate to connect with us!!

Click on the images below  or underlined words in the description to be taken directly to websites or pages.

FCC Missoula Podcast.png

The FCC Missoula Podcast is currently on Hold, but please check out our archived material in our Worship Prep Series as well as other faith based episodes. Learn More

The Pulpit Fiction Podcast. The Podcast for preachers, seekers and Bible geeks. Their website goes beyond the podcast with notes and more. Check out this awesome website!!

Two On One is a podcast and talk show co-hosted by Revs. Stephanie Kendell and Arthur Stewart. Each week we bring on a dynamic and inspiring faith leader to talk about the intersections of pop-culture and theology. Learn More

Chalice Press is part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and provides access to several forms of media. If you are looking for devotionals, readings or other material, check out Chalice Press.

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