2701 South Russell Street
Missoula, MT


Service @ 1045 am Sundays

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Small Groups

Trying to get more out of your faith, join one of our small group meetings!!

Small Group Info.

Small Groups are a time to gather together as a small community to have discussion as well as build community through games and fellowship.

Below are our general guidelines for Small Group

*Small groups are open to anyone and everyone

*While discussion of opposing views is encouraged, hateful remarks toward an individual or group of people are not tolerated

*Small groups are meant to be led by everyone, if at some point during your small group you feel lead to lead a session, let your designated leader know.

*We want small groups to be small, so our goal is to keep the number of people to around 10, when it grows beyond that we will try and split up so we can keep good conversation in a small setting.

Weekday Group

Join a small group that meets during the week. This small group will either meet at a location away from the FCC Missoula property. Enjoy some great discussion before worshiping the Lord.

Please check back later or follow us on social media for times, locations and study topics.