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Humbled and Spiritually Refreshed

I have just gotten back from two weeks of Church Camp, and after that I feel physically exhausted but spiritually refreshed. Through these weeks of teaching and talking and meeting youth where they are, I feel blessed beyond belief to be where I am in life. The refreshed spirit in me feels alive for the work of ministry, it has also humbled me in a way.

You see, my first true experience with God was at Church Camp. I can remember walking back from Campfire and looking at the sky and feeling overwhelmed by a presence. I fell to my knees and prayed. You see, at this point, I had been baptized, I had declared Jesus as my savior but in this moment I truly felt the Love of God surrounding me and calling me to service of the Church (though this would not be my call to be a minister). As I passed that spot again this last year, I again felt the raw Love of God and remembered that time. It helped me to remember my purpose up at camp and as a minister, to meet people where they are and walk with them on their faith journey.

But what does this mean? Well, I have come to understand that I am supposed to be a listener, a person someone can talk to about their problems and journey with them and we can tackle challenging things together. I believe I have been trying to do this by challenging preconceptions, by working to invite conversation about topics that may be uncomfortable or sermons that may challenge us. Even in my study and preparation for worship, I am challenged and humbled, but even more so I am feeling humbled this week.

I sometimes wonder if I am pushing too hard, or not making it seem like people can talk with me about the problems they have or struggles they face with worship or my sermons or views. It is because of these thoughts that I have been working on some plans for the Fall to really try and meet people where they are, to have conversations with people so that we can grow and learn from one another. You see, I am human, I am not perfect and I am growing and learning about my faith (as we all should be). I pray that the work I am doing as a minister is positively serving the Kindom of God and the faith community that has entrusted me to care for them.

If you would like to talk or have questions or just need a listening ear, please reach out!! I know I will be working to pay attention to where my attention might be needed.

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1 Comment

Beth Myers
Beth Myers
Jul 27, 2023

You made camp a great experience for my kids! Bekah said that it was the best part of her summer. Thank you for all you do for our youth and for all of us.

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