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Taking A Breath

As the year continues to keep moving, I am seeing more and more things added to my calendar every day. As I sat looking at it earlier today, I felt like I was going to have a panic attack, there is way to much for just one person to do... But then I took a breath and I took a moment. If I really look at my calendar, there is not a lot of work, there are just a lot of things. Several things are meetings or events that will not require a ton of work from me, they are things I either attended or have little to do in terms of running the event. I also started to realize that I am not alone when it comes to things. I have an awesome congregation to work with. I know there are people who are interested in doing more with their church, I know there are people always willing to lend a hand and I suck at not doing everything myself.

So as I take a breath today, and as I work on doing better with my spiritual practices, I also will begin to think about how to really engage the congregation in the work of the congregation. I have already started to take some steps, soon we are going to institute worship leaders, that will be members of the congregation leading worship. If we were to go by traditions of the Disciples of Christ, I would only speak for the sermon, the rest of the service would be led by elders of the congregation and other lay leaders. If I am being completely honest, I would personally love this. Not that I don't love doing what I do in worship, but I feel that if I were not so central in the worship service, it would be better for the congregation and it's spiritual life. It funny, I am actually feeling very inspired just by typing this down. I think that the worship committee meeting on Sunday will be a lot of fun.

Anyway, that all for now. I pray everyone is doing well and I hope that you take a moment to take a breath in your week and just be present with yourself and your creator.

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