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Service of Ministry

Today I had the joy of helping a congregant with an issue they faced regarding a subscription. This was a bit of a process because we had to spend some time waiting on the customer support line, but I was thinking about how this was one of those moments that ministry is all about. In my opinion, it seems that most people only think about ministers as the people who help with God stuff. They preach on Sundays, pray at bedsides and read texts on metaphorical theology. But, to me it seems that ministry is about service. In Matthew 20:28 and Mark 10:45 mentions, Jesus came not to be served, but to serve.

Think about it, Jesus, our Savior, came to earth not to be served but to serve others. He calls his disciples (followers) to do the same. As followers of Jesus, are we not called to service? To serve others? This should be especially true for a minister, one who has devoted their life to serving God. Did you know that the stole (the thing the minster has draped over their shoulders during worship) is supposed to represent servitude? I can't remember where I read that, but it spoke to me about the office of ministry.

So I have determined, that when someone needs my help with something (even something not "God related," I think of it as part of my ministry, because as a devout follower of Jesus, I am called to serve others just like my savior.

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