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It has been quite some time since I posted, but it has also been a crazy couple of months. I have found myself listening in the silence and thinking about what God might want for me and for our congregation. Looking around the world I am seeing a renewal. Our planet seems like it is getting healthier and I have seen that happening with many humans too. Now I will not say that there has been a downside to to current events for some people mental health, but as a whole I have seen healing happening.

From looking at that, I think it is a time for renewal. We need to reignite our faith and renew our efforts to share the Good News, not for the sake of filling pews, but for the sake of sharing something Good. I think it is also time that we renew our worship. We should move beyond our current state and bring some soul filling worship. This does not need to be done with fancy lights and music, it needs to be done with the congregation fully invested and participating. The question I pose to you is how do we do this? I will be preaching on June 7th and my sermon will have some foundational thoughts on what we can do.

Until then, keep praying for one another, our congregation, our region, our denomination, our country and our world. Blessings to you all and may you stay safe and well.

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