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Ready to Go

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

We are halfway through our first month of a new year. I think that this year will be a great one. The Northern Lights region is getting its feet under it with commission meetings getting underway and Cane Ridge West is settling into its standing as an independent body. I think that our congregation will continue to grow, but we must remember that there is always work to be done. And to do that work, we must be ready to go. Go beyond what we have done so far and try new things, Go beyond our sanctuary for worship of God. I think that faith is an ever evolving thing and we all must continue to nurture that faith, otherwise it will not thrive. As we are getting ready to go on the journey that 2020 will bring us on, we must think about what we can do so that we are a congregation that is always growing and changing. Not because someone says we must, but because that is where our faith leads us. I look forward to seeing that in each and every person. And I look forward to our Journey together.


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