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Ready for Lent...maybe?

As we are about to move into the Lenten season, I find myself reflecting on previous Lents in my life. I used to find Lent kinda boring, but as I have grown I have come to see how awesome Lent really is. It is a time where we are supposed to focus and reflect more on our relationship with Christ, it is a time to prepare for the future, to prepare for new life.

When we become baptized, we claim Jesus as Lord and Savior. During our baptisms, we have a moment o f 'rising to new life' (which is the part where you come up from the water). I often think that we forget that our spiritual life is like our mental and physical lives. It needs care, its needs renewal. Each day I try to find ways to renew my spirit, but sometimes you need more than a morning prayer or devotional. Lent is a spiritual journey, a time to really focus on the soul. When we enter lent this year, think about that journey in your spiritual life. Often this journey involves giving up something we really like (like fast food or chocolate or doing certain things). When we do this, we can take the time to focus on God whenever we get a craving or an inkling to do something. This is but one method for the journey, so take some time this next week to get ready for Lent and have a fulfilling spiritual journey this Lenten Season.

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