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Painting, Crucifixion and Resurrection (Eastertide)

Wow, I am realizing I am not doing very well at keeping up with blogging, and perhaps that is because I take on too much. But for now, lets dive in to what has been happening.

Since I last posted, we had a successful Xmas service and moved into the beginning of the year. We have been going through the narrative lectionary, which has been quite fun to me. It has allowed us to really focus in on the message and story of scripture and building on our faith and spirit. We moved into Lent with Ash Wednesday, and then I took a vacation.

My vacation did not feel long enough (they never do), but I got to spend two weeks with my father in Florida (I had not seen him since 2019). We had a great time and got to reconnect and I got to meet his cat (Goofy). The rest was much needed because I feel more invigorated in my work as a minister since coming home, even though it has been crazy.

Since returning, I have been leading Lenten Soup Supper workshops called "Putting Mission into Words" where we came up with a new congregational mission statement (which we will vote on at the next board meeting). The statement reads "We are a welcoming community of Disciples, dedicated to Loving, Serving and Walking with our neighbors as Jesus did." I love this statement and I hope this will help guide us as a community into our future.

On top of doing that and worship, we have been voting on what colors we are painting our building as well as preparing for Holy Week (the week I am typing this). I believe that we have gained enough of a vote to move on our painting and Holy Week is moving. I am giving daily meditations on FB and other digital platforms, we will be having Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter services/events, totaling about 9 (I think). I am excited for this week and this year because I foresee great things happening in faith with this community.

Until I post again, may God be with you, keep you and may you feel God's Love.

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