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How Time Flies

My goodness, I apparently have not updated this in FOREVER!!. That being said, things are going well. Since last posting, I am now officially a graduate student in the Master of Divinity Program at LTS and have been studying Firefighting with Frenchtown Rural Fire District as well as Paramedicine with the National Medical Education Training Center. I am starting to accept that I overburden myself a lot of the time, and when I do that my work starts slipping a bit. But things have calmed a little because of choices I have made. Sometimes making the choice to step back on something (at least for a little bit) is difficult, but often is necessary. This gives us the opportunity to breath and reflect and allow God to speak. But then we also have to listen and take action based on what we find in our time. I will still be cutting back a bit, but I am still moving forward to achieve some personal goals and hopefully set up our congregation with some goals that we can all work to achieve. This means that you all have much to look forward to coming from me in the next month or so. I look forward to where we are going, but am also excited for the journey to get there.



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