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Halfway thru a year!!

It is hard for me to imagine that we are already 1/2 way through another year, and I am more than half way through my second year as the minister of FCC Missoula. We have been on quite the journey this year with so much more in store for us the rest of the year. I have plans in store for some more dinners, a community BBQ, a few Saturday contemporary worship services and getting our Faith Formation up and going!! To say there is a lot to do would be an understatement.

As I reflect on my time as the minister thus far, it is honestly hard to believe that I am where I am today. For those who may not know, I came to Missoula about 10 years ago to pursue a degree in exercise science and then go to Medical School, and it still seems crazy that now I am a minister and a FireFighter. But the thing that is also crazy is that I wouldn't change where I am in life right now, because I feel that I am where I was supposed to be all along. I absolutely love ministry and I love serving people in my capacity as a FireFighter and ED Tech. I am interacting with people in meaningful ways and I get to serve a wonderful group of people in my congregation and they are willing to let me try new things to help find new ways to praise and serve God/Jesus in our world today.

I will never say I know what the future holds for me, I can only guess what God has in store for this congregation and for me as a minister, but I know that it will be meaningful to all of us and I look forward to our continued journey, because it is on the journey that we find ourselves, where we find Christ and where we grow the most. In Matthew 28:8-10, the women leave the tomb and they find Jesus on the way to their destination. Let us make sure to keep our ears, eyes, minds and hearts open to seeing Jesus on our journey and letting him be our guide into the future.

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