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Falling Through Fall

How the time has flown. Over the last month so many changes have happened. I turned 25, I've preached a few times and we have started a morning Sunday School class. Though, it is good to remember that change is the most constant thing God has placed in our lives, and we must accept that. Fall is probably the best example for change. Leaves change colors before falling off the tree in preparation for the cold. In our lives this usually mean there is work for us to do, which is exactly what God is telling us by the changes in our lives. There will be work, but that work is a gift. How often do we hear that the journey can be more important that the destination? This is because the journey is where the growth is. As our congregation starts to experience more changes that will hopefully help us to spread the GOOD NEWS, let us remember that the journey we are undertaking is where the spiritual growth is happening. Take some time to reflect on the journey you see us taking and think about your role in our journey. Blessings to all.

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