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Excited for what is coming and thankful for what has passed

This week I attended intensive courses at Lexington Theological Seminary (LTS). Usually these courses are held at the campus in Lexington, KY but because of the COVID pandemic we had to meet via zoom. It was a lot of fun to finally interact with my LTS colleagues in person (sort of) and get a chance to learn and worship together. The two classes I took were Exegesis (Biblical understanding) and Governance, Management and Conflict Resolution. I hope that these classes have given me a good enough perspective to objectively assist our congregation in moving forward and becoming better prepared to do the work of the Church today. I do think that as a congregation we have some work in our future, but I have faith that FCC Missoula can become a community of Faith that attracts many peoples from many walks of life, filling the table to the Glory of God.

I look forward to our journey together and I pray for each and every one of y'all. Shalom.

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