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Coffee, Chicken and Copiers

You may or may not know that I like Coffee. I have actually started to try and reduce the amount of coffee I drink each day because there were times I was feeling my heartbeat in my head from how much coffee I was drinking. That being said, I still love my morning cold brew and my occasional Hot Drip coffee. This has become part of my daily routine (which I am still trying to get down) and helps me with some regularity in my life. The life of a minister in 2022 is anything but regular. I have random meetings, social media posts, papers and other business to take care of, then you add on top of that the self care I should be doing.

Now, self care is a difficult thing in the Western World. Our society teaches us to work, work work, and I am very guilty of doing this, so I am trying to be better about caring for myself. I am trying to adopt eating changing that promote healthy living (I do really well with this during Lent when I give up fast food) and I am trying to exercise regularly (haha). This week is what I am calling the beginning of my healthy life journey. I have had many such weeks before, and have been moderately successful, but I always seem to revert a bit. This time I am trying to approach this from a more spiritual side.

All forms of health are interconnected, Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I believe that by mentally connecting my physical health with my spiritual health I will be more successful (plus I am going to visit my dad in Florida next year and I need to get into swimsuit shape lol). But in seriousness, how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally can and will effect our spiritual side. If we keep getting caught up in one area of our health, we loose focus from other areas. As I relate this to my work, I am about to be extremely busy with things (yay Advent!), so I think if I am to survive with a positive outlook, I must do better at caring for myself. Also caring for myself will allow me to better care for my congregation, because that is what I love doing and what I feel called to do.

So, I am going to finish eating my Chicken and veg, finish up some office work, do some homework and hit the gym because Advent is coming soon and I need to be in shape enough to welcome the Lord!

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