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A Summer Journey

This summer has been one for the books. I have been struggling with keeping up with my bills yet I find that my faith in this journey being part of God's plan growing. I have this feeling that this struggle will help me with something I am to deal with in the future, perhaps it is to show me what I can handle? I have started working on my Interpreting Scripture coursework and it is fascinating gaining new perspective on things that I had not thought about previously.

I have now completed working at two summer camps, and I must say that I love watching these kids grow as young Christians. One of my very first campers five years ago graduated from High School this year and is off to college. I am so excited to see where this man goes in life, for I see great things for him. Though in thinking about that, when we as a society say we say great things, what is it that we mean? Is greatness based on success in business? Monetary gain? Perhaps power? I believe that this young man has great things before him like happiness and love and perhaps a large family if he and his S.O. choose that. I think that over the years my campers have taught me so many lessons, but the main one that sticks with me is that riches on earth do not really matter (even though it can be fun) but it is the richness in the spirit and the experiences of our lives that really give us a fullness in our lives. I look forward to what is yet to come, because it is well with my soul.

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