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A New Year, A New Ministry?

I often ponder the thought or idea of new ministry. Is there truly such a thing as new ministry? Shouldn't all ministries be the ministry of Jesus? Well, I would say that at the center of all (Christian) ministry, yes, the ministry is the same as that set by Jesus. But (and there is always a but) I also think that there is always new ministry. When Jesus came to earth, he came to be the light. From Jesus we received practices and where given Jesus' example of rising again to new life. Thinking about the resurrection and reflecting on what our baptisms are supposed to be about (choosing a new life in Jesus), then it would seem appropriate that ministry is always getting renewed or becoming new. So, I imagine that it would be appropriate to say that with each new year, and perhaps each new day, there is new ministry being done. So I pose to you, what is the new ministry we are being called to do? What do we need to renew our ministry? Where are we being called to be God's servants and share the Good News of Jesus?

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