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Remembering Who We Are

WOW, I am horrible at remembering to post on here. I think I am going to try and make it a goal to do it about once a month and perhaps more often during certain times of the year.

Anyway, as I am realizing I am approaching my one year anniversary here at FCC Missoula, I have been reflecting on what church is and what it is supposed to be, which has lead to me doing sermons focused on these things. So, who are we?

As a Christian Church, I would think it natural to say "Followers of Jesus," I mean, this is why our denomination has Disciples in it. But, I think that bears further looking into. What do we mean by followers of Jesus? This should mean that we feel motivated and inspired by the Gospel accounts of Jesus to Love our neighbors, care for those in need, fight for what is right in the world. You see, Jesus was considered a radical person, he stood up for those who society cast out. As followers of Jesus, it is our commission to do the same. To care for others, to stand up for what is right. As we move through life, we need to remember that, to remember Matthew 25 and live it.

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