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Getting to work

This week marked the first week I held office hours at the Church facilities, and it was a rather productive day. I updated social media and worked over some seminary articles as well as began working on some sermons. Right now I am taking course work in program planning and the prophets. Both courses are full useful information, though I must say I am enjoying the prophets course more due to the information pertaining to the culture in the times of the old testament.

I must admit that I messed up this week, I got turned around on when some coursework was due and I submitted it over a day late, which will severely affect my grade for it. I definitely had to pray over this for a little bit as I was rather stressed, but I realized that when it comes to this it was my own fault and I need to accept it and move on to do the best I can do with the rest of course.

Now that things are underway with school and office hours, it is time for me to get some work done so that God's work that has been reserved for me can get done. Please pray for your neighbor and pray for peace and love to be contagious in our world.

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