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Mathew Goodrich

Mat is a Commissioned Minister with the Northern Lights Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He is a lifelong Disciple and began his seminary journey in 2019 at Lexington Theological Seminary. He is currently pursuing ordination with the region while finishing up his Master of Divinity. 

Mat believes that all persons are worthy of Love and that God/Jesus calls for us to share Love with everyone. He believes that scripture is a representation of people's interaction with the divine but that the Bible is not to be taken literally (as that was not generally the style of those who wrote the Bible), but instead is to be studied to help us understand God's will and Love through the experience of those who have come before.


Mat serves on the regional Outdoor Ministry Commission and the Anti-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation team. Through his work on these teams he directs and counsels at Church Camps and leads at various meetings. In addition to regional commissions and team, Mat serves as Vice President of board for Cane Ridge West Conference and Retreat Center (partially owned by FCC Missoula). Mat is also a participant of the Excellence in Ministry program offered through the Pension Fund of the Christian Church.  

In his free time, Mat likes theatre, movies, books, adventures, travel, coffee and volunteering as a Firefighter/EMT with Frenchtown Rural Fire District. 

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What is Pastor Mat Reading (church wise)?
  • Hospitality Ministry (Outreach Ministry)
  • Global Neighbors (Hicks)
  • Shaking the Gates of Hell (Delgado)
What is Pastor Mat Reading (for fun)?
  • The House in the Cerulean Sea (Klune)
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