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Ash Wednesday

February 14th, 2024

Join us for Ash Wednesday as we begin our Lenten journey to Easter.


Available from 7a-2p

Ashes are to remind us that from dust we are made and to dust we shall return, in that on earth we are but human and will pass on, but this is also the setting for the Hope and Joy that comes with Easter.

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Stained Glass Light



A Service for Ash Wednesday serves to remind us of our humanness and allows us reflect and prepare ourselves for our Lenten journey.

During the service there will be prayer, music and placing of ashes.

Ashes can be placed on hand or forehead.

Dust & Stardust

This Ash Wednesday, we are offering both Dust and Stardust during our Ash Wednesday Service. The "Dust" is the traditional black ash placed on the forehead or back of the hand. The "Stardust" is ash with glitter in it as way of reminding us we are part of the greater cosmos of God's beloved creation. This is a bridge in thinking that combines our understanding of God with the knowledge of Science, as we recognize that God works in ways beyond our imagination. This is the chance for us to humble ourselves as we begin the season of Lent by remembering that we are part of something greater than ourselves, we are part of the universe.

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