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A New Beginning

As we start towards the fall season, so many things start a new beginning. A new school year, warmer clothes, shorter days. It is also a time for some new beginnings at First Christian Church. We have just returned to our regular worship times (1045 am) and I hope that some of the freshness from our summer worship will carry over. I also look forward to working toward new educational and outreach programs that carry the commission Jesus gave us "Go into the world and preach the Good News to everyone" (Mark 16:15, NLT). Now I should probably mention that how I view a new beginning to education I believe we need a new beginning to preaching the good news. How often is the Good News just spewed on a street corner, and how often does it sound good? I believe the best way to preach the Good News is to live it and to be open to talking about it without judgement of peoples doubts and concerns. My course work in seminary has been wonderful for my theological thought process and has really gotten me to reflect and pray on my current and future ministry. I pray for God's guidance and the support of the congregation as we move to try new things together that will hopefully fill our cups and make them overflow. Blessings to all, Mat.

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