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Team Hugging

What is Baselia?

Traditionally translated as Kingdom, we translate it as Kin-dom, as we are a beloved community in Christ and we gather with our kin to celebrate. Baselia is about gathering. Currently we invite everyone together on the 3rd Saturday of the month to join in a potluck meal and casual worship. This is a time of being together to build positive kindom among and within, so that we can go out into the world to further build kindom through God and Jesus love of all. 


When do we gather?

3rd Saturday of the Month

October Gathering: Oct 21, 2023 Worship @ 4pm following the Fall Festival

November GatheringNov 18th 2023 

Community Potluck @ 2:30pm with Worship @ 4pm.

Let’s Connect!!

Lets get together in beloved community!

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