We are Walking in the Light of God

As part of our effort to build our community up, not only at FCC Missoula but the Missoula Community as a whole, we are starting some mission outreach and Walking in the Light of GOD.

Walking in God's Light

Here at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Missoula, we are striving to follow Gods Commands and Jesus' Teachings by loving one another. Our Goal with Walking in the Light of God is to expand on our Matthew 25 project and build up our community here at First Christian Church as well as support the Greater Missoula Community. We are hoping that as we move forward we can have a greater impact on our community and through our actions,  God's love will spread. Our program is new and will continue to be added on to. If you have any suggestions of needs that need to be met in the community of Missoula or nearby, please comment below or email us at mission@fccmissoula.org 

In 2020 and continuing in 2021...

*Support Mountain Home

*Assist Russell School

*Donate to UGM

* And More

Supporting General Ministries

This Easter season, the special offerings are going in assisting the general ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada.

Imagine what God can do when we share our gifts. The Easter offering reaches deep and wide with the limitless power of the risen Christ by

  • developing Disciples,

  • forming new faith communities,

  • connecting with ministry partners around the world,

  • serving God’s people in need.


  • leadership development programs for college and seminary students

  • Bible studies that challenge and inspire

  • opportunities for clergy to gather in prayer

  • spiritual care for those in prison

  • resources for mental health and trauma care

  • visionary leadership that calls the church to imagine new ways to witness to God’s love

and wide …

  • global ministry partners who work for justice, reconciliation, and peace

  • colleges, universities, an theological institutions that nurture Christian leaders who are transforming church, society, and world

  • volunteers who help in the aftermath of disasters

  • new congregations who worship in a variety of languages and worship styles

  • ministry grants for congregational service ministries that serve hungry neighbors

Have Ideas for Mission Work? Comment Below