We are Walking in the Light of God

As part of our effort to build our community up, not only at FCC Missoula but the Missoula Community as a whole, we are starting some mission outreach and Walking in the Light of GOD.

Walking in God's Light

Here at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Missoula, we are striving to follow Gods Commands and Jesus' Teachings by loving one another. Our Goal with Walking in the Light of God is to expand on our Matthew 25 project and build up our community here at First Christian Church as well as support the Greater Missoula Community. We are hoping that as we move forward we can have a greater impact on our community and through our actions,  God's love will spread. Our program is new and will continue to be added on to. If you have any suggestions of needs that need to be met in the community of Missoula or nearby, please comment below or email us at mission@fccmissoula.org 

In 2020 and continuing in 2021...

*Support Mountain Home

*Assist Russell School

*Donate to UGM

* And More

Supporting General Ministries


















In 1996, the General Board of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) approved the formation of a church-wide process to discern the nature of racism in North America and to develop ways of helping congregations address racism. Out of this process, an Anti-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation initiative was put before the church in 1998. At their July, 1998 meetings, the Administrative Committee and the General Board approved this initiative. The initiative is based on several premises.


  • Racism is a spiritual and theological dilemma as well as a social evil;

  • Racist practice exists throughout the life of the church and needs to be addressed. The church needs to get its own “house” in order even as it looks toward being a transformational agent in the larger world;

  • Racism is a systemic problem with historical root causes;

  • Racism can be defined in many ways. This initiative is based on an analysis of racism that understands racism to be a combination of racial prejudice and institutional and/or economic power.

  • When conceived the initiative was based on a vision for the church as a place “where brothers and sisters of all races, languages, and cultures will grow towards God’s glorious realm, where all have a place at the table and none shall be turned away.”

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