We are Walking in the Light of God

As part of our effort to build our community up, not only at FCC Missoula but the Missoula Community as a whole, we are starting some mission outreach and Walking in the Light of GOD.

Walking in God's Light

Here at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Missoula, we are striving to follow Gods Commands and Jesus' Teachings by loving one another. Our Goal with Walking in the Light of God is to expand on our Matthew 25 project and build up our community here at First Christian Church as well as support the Greater Missoula Community. We are hoping that as we move forward we can have a greater impact on our community and through our actions,  God's love will spread. Our program is new and will continue to be added on to. If you have any suggestions of needs that need to be met in the community of Missoula or nearby, please comment below or email us at mission@fccmissoula.org 

In 2019 We...
*Gathered Diapers for Mountain home

*Fed those who were hungry

*Look forward to more!!

Fall/Winter Mission

Thanksgiving offering 19.jpg

This Fall/ Winter we are undertaking several tasks in partnership with local, regional and national groups.

Operation Christmas Child

We are gathering shoeboxes filled with goodies for kids around the world. This is a project run by Samaritans Purse. To learn more contact the main office or click on the logo to the left to go the their website.

Thanksgiving Offering

The national Disciples Church is collecting an offering to support institutions of higher learning. Since the beginning of our movement the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada have founded and supported institutions of higher learning and encouraged students in pursuit of that education. This offering will benefit this continued endeavor. Please click the image to the left for more info.

Christmas Outreach

In supporting Mountain Home, Family Promise and The Poverello Center we are collecting Bubbly items throughout November to be delivered in December. These items can be dropped of at the church building throughout the week. Ideas for these items include;

 Laundry Soap  Dish Liquid  Bar Soap  Liquid Hand Soap  Scrubbing bubbles  Toothpaste  Shampoo  Bubble Bath  Sugar-free Bubble Gum  Bottled Kid bubbles  Sparkling Cider/Dinner Baskets  Baby Shampoo  Denture Cleaning Tablets

Come and Be Fed!

Join us on certain Sundays for Free Breakfast, part of our Come and Be Fed Mission.

ALL ARE WELCOME to be fed, and no money is required. Click on the button below to learn more!!

Have Ideas for Mission Work? Comment Below

2701 South Russell Street
Missoula, MT


Service @ 1045 am Sundays

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