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Western Montana Fair Parking

As part of our efforts to fund our ministries, FCC Missoula sells parking spots for the Western Montana Fair. We sell our spots for $$/visit. If you are fair vendor looking to arrange reserved parking during the fair can contact our main office M-Th, 10a-2p at (406) 549-7221. 

We are partnering with Anchor Church to provide staffing to our parking lot. 

Our parking lot has a few simple rules that must be followed at all times (and we will be checking):

1. No Pets or Children are to be left in vehicles. If we find any child or pet in a vehicle, we will be required to contact the proper authorities and allow them to handle it.

2. Please park between the lines. You are being rented a single parking spot, so please make sure to use a single spot.

3. Enjoy the Fair!!

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